Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black and white photography questions:
1. lens 2. film 3. structure/body
2. a camera that lets you see the actual real image that the film sees.
3. The aperture controls how much light passes trough the lens.
4. the length of exposure.
5. shutter speed, aperture and film speed.
6. you would use a high shutter speed because if there is a lot of light you want to let just a little in so you don't spoil the picture.
7. 1. the film is placed in developing agent, the grains inside the film turn silver.
2. rinse the film with water.
3. use fixing bath to remove the silver-halide crystals.
4. wash film with water to remove any remaining chemicals and the film strip is dried.
8. The negative must be printed onto another light-sensitive material(photographic paper), gelatin.
9. silver

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