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Edward weston Photograph

Edward weston

1. An American Photographer, he did most of his work using an 8 by 10 inch camera. He was the co-founder of group f/64.

2. His pictures included human figures as well as items of nature like seaside wildlife, plants and landscapes. Some of his most popular work is "Pepper #30", "Dunes, Oceano" "Nude, 1936 and many more.


Favorite Ansel Adams Photograph

Ansel Adams questions

1. An American photographer and environmentalist know for his black and white photographs of the American West, he also invented the zone system, which helped determine exposure and adjust contrast of the final print.

2. He helped create the Museum of Arts department of photography, his style is timeless and visually stunning, some of his most famous photographs are the Monolith, Rose of Driftwood, and many more.

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