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Edward weston Photograph

Edward weston

1. An American Photographer, he did most of his work using an 8 by 10 inch camera. He was the co-founder of group f/64.

2. His pictures included human figures as well as items of nature like seaside wildlife, plants and landscapes. Some of his most popular work is "Pepper #30", "Dunes, Oceano" "Nude, 1936 and many more.


Favorite Ansel Adams Photograph

Ansel Adams questions

1. An American photographer and environmentalist know for his black and white photographs of the American West, he also invented the zone system, which helped determine exposure and adjust contrast of the final print.

2. He helped create the Museum of Arts department of photography, his style is timeless and visually stunning, some of his most famous photographs are the Monolith, Rose of Driftwood, and many more.

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Andy warhol questions:
1. Andy warhol was an American painter, printmaker and filmmaker, he played an important role in creating pop art.
2. Dolly parton, Sean Lennon, Yoko ono, Sylvester Stallone.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black and white photography questions:
1. lens 2. film 3. structure/body
2. a camera that lets you see the actual real image that the film sees.
3. The aperture controls how much light passes trough the lens.
4. the length of exposure.
5. shutter speed, aperture and film speed.
6. you would use a high shutter speed because if there is a lot of light you want to let just a little in so you don't spoil the picture.
7. 1. the film is placed in developing agent, the grains inside the film turn silver.
2. rinse the film with water.
3. use fixing bath to remove the silver-halide crystals.
4. wash film with water to remove any remaining chemicals and the film strip is dried.
8. The negative must be printed onto another light-sensitive material(photographic paper), gelatin.
9. silver

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picture in a picture

puzzle lion

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pop art style

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colorized photo 1

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This picture can be used to represent pattern/rhythm because of the way the green and black squares repeat.


This image represents comtrast because of the way the elements are combined to create interest.


This image can be used to represent emphasis because it really focuses on the red more than anything else.


This picture can be used to represent balance because it balance out the weight of both sides of the image with images.


This picture represents variety because there is a variety of colors.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This image can be used to represent unity because it has a sense of completeness.


This image can represent movement because of the way the colors drag your eyes around and lead your attention.


This image represents color because it shows how it can catch your eye right away.


This image represents texture because its surfice represents metal.


This image represents form because it has a defenite shape.


I chose this image to represent line because it shows how powerful lines can be if combined together.


I chose this image to represent value because it has a lot of shading which gives the shape a realistic look.

positive/negative space

I chose this image to represent space because it shows positive space in the white and negative in the black parts of it.